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I went to the world famous Video Games Live Concert last night. It was awesome. For those of you that don’t know what it is, check out the site.

Video Games Live

During the opening of the show, they had a costume contest. There was a little girl dressed up as Zelda who won (big surprise there). Anyway, one of the contenders was dressed up as Noel! I met up with her and took a quick photo. Her costume was really awesome. Congrats goes out to her for representing one of the best fighting games on the planet.

…and yes, I’m wearing the Portal “Slide Forever” shirt. You can find it over at the Penny Arcade store.

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Check them out. Thanks goes to Halcyone3 from the BlazBlue forum.

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Gamespot Japan has posted some nice screenshots for BlazBlue 2 Continuum Shift. Here are a few of them. Go check out the rest here!

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That’s right my friend, BlazBlue 2 has been announced!Check out more info on it from Kotaku and see some screenshots from gamespot japan!

Comments No Comments » has more screenshots up. Check out the article here. Thanks to jhones in the forums for letting to us know.

Doing a search for Blazblue on youtube will bring up a list of videos to watch, but here are some that show off the new characters…

Thanks goes to Ninchin from the forums for the update.

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The 10th character goes by the name Carl Clover…

Your thoughts? Head over to the forums to let us know. Thanks to Akira and jhones from the forums for the info.

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Nice screen shots from Here is the thread link.

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Images of a character named Bang Shishigami have been leaked. This site leaked the images.

Here he is…

Thanks goes to Darago from the BlazBlue forums for giving us this info. Thanks also goes to xenophobian on Dustloop who gave him the info.

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Finally, some news. has posted this article showing 2 new characters. The new female’s name is either Lychee or Raicha. The other guy/thing’s name is Arakune.

Thanks goes out to Ninchin from the blazblue forums for giving us this info.

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Famitsu has posted new details on two of the new characters:

Rachel Alucard and Taokaka

Here are some in-game screen shots from Famitsu. I’d recommend heading over to their site to see the rest.

Thanks to Lucid_Nightmare and Hecatom from the forums for the update.

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