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Check out the new BlazBlue Continuum Shift Trailer! Thanks goes out to x4ryuusei from the BlazBlue forums!

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Check out this Grand Finals match from Arcade InfinityMike_Z vs Goryus 6/14/2009

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Today marks the day that’s forum member count passes 500! Thanks for sticking with the site and contributing! If you are not already a member, feel free to create an account and post your thoughts. Click here to go to the forum.

Oh, and here is a review of blazblue from in case you missed it.

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Yes yes I know, these trailers have already been posted on the site, so why am I reposting them?


BlazBlue ‘TGS 2008′ trailer

BlazBlue ‘TGS 2008′ trailer 2

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Famitsu has the 3rd BlazBlue trailer on their site. Here are links to watch it from their site or directly download it.

Watch Trailer 3 on

Download Trailer 3 directly from

Thanks goes to Hecatom,  Akira, and Xan from the BlazBlue forum.

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There have been a slew of videos released from Evo for Blazblue. has some of the videos and they are pretty good quality. Clicking the video will give you larger view. Check them out:

There are many more videos on youtube. Here are a few of them…

Thanks goes to takezo jize and Hecatom from the BlazBlue forum, and to Tsak on dustlloop and Calcal from SRK.

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Hecatom from the our forum has uploaded a series of videos on YouTube for our viewing pleasure. With EVO happening this weekend, I’m sure we’ll get some more :)

Comments No Comments » has more screenshots up. Check out the article here. Thanks to jhones in the forums for letting to us know.

Doing a search for Blazblue on youtube will bring up a list of videos to watch, but here are some that show off the new characters…

Thanks goes to Ninchin from the forums for the update.

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I’ll try to find a higher quality version, but this will have to hold us over for now.

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The second local test from 2 weeks ago has given us some more videos. Check them out…

Thanks goes out to Hecatom, Flippancy, and Sinistar71 from our forums and AtTheGates from the dustloop forums for providing information on these videos.

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