I found this video while browsing www.fightersgeneration.com. Round 2 is awesome…

9 Responses to “Epic Match”
  1. Lovemimi0909 says:


  2. BlazBlue says:

    O.o realy awesome!

  3. Torkal says:

    Is Valkenhayn even getting released on the Xbox? He quickly turned into my best person when I tried him out on my friend’s playstation

  4. Rewenger says:

    After watching Buppa’s Hazama this one looks pretty miserably. Or his style got heavily disrupted. There was many fatal mistakes which Valkenhayn used to look cool. Regarding this, match doesn’t look epic at all.

  5. Rewenger says:

    Failing houtejin’s 6D~A, 6D~A, 623D was quite “epic” though.

  6. bloodedge_mid says:

    Is Valkenhayn gonna be in the PSP version?

  7. loveblazblue says:

    I tried valkenhayn on playstion and he’s really cool and he’s my brothers favorite :)

  8. loveblazblue says:

    But i wanted jubei to be in the game but he’s not:(

  9. loveblazblue says:

    :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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