issueThere is currently an issue with the coding of the forum, forcing it to go offline. We, the Moderation and Administration team, are unsure how to fix this, but we are attempting to get into contact with the head Administrator. There is a possibility the forums could be down for some time, but please keep on checking back. If important news about the games is revealed, it will be posted here on the main site regardless of the fact the forum is down. We’re currently unsure if the posts and topics from the forum will still be there when the forum goes back online but for the moment there is nothing saying they won’t be.

The Mod & Admin team does not have any access to the forums, the Moderator Control Panel or the Administrator Control Panel, so we regret to inform that we cannot retrieve any posts, or general data at this time. Until the forum is up, pleases use the Dustloop forums for information on characters and general BlazBlue discussion; for news on Extend try Andriasang or this Dustloop thread.

4 Responses to “Issue with the Forums”
  1. BmanNintendo says:

    I really hope all things will be alright :)

  2. JHawk says:

    poor noel

  3. just click the following page says:

    just click the following page… » Issue with the Forums…

  4. perdre 10 kg says:

    perdre 10 kg… » Issue with the Forums…

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