Arc System Works is developing “Xblaze” as the first entry in what it refers to as “Adventure Project.” The game will be released in winter 2012 for an undisclosed platform.

Xblaze’s announcement came during a special stage at today’s BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 national tournament. According to 4Gamer, BlazBlue series producer Toshimichi Mori also revealed that the second entry in the Adventure Project is also in the works. Regarding the BlazBlue series, he said that they hope to soon have a large event for the series, and something will probably be announced there.

You can see the segment of the stage event announcing the game below. The slides refer to Xblaze as “another Blue story,” suggesting that it may have some ties to BlazBlue.

Here is a trailer presented with it:

Not much is known about it other than the fact it may relate to Blazblue as the trailer did show some familiar scenes and is being referred to as an “Adventure Project”. With it supposedly coming out Winter 2012, it is more than likely being developed either for PS3, Xbox360 or both considering the previous recent Arc releases as well as more to come very soon.

To view the images that followed the announcement, check the link above to the original article.

10 Responses to “Arc System Works announces new game XBlaze! Potentially related to Blazblue?”
  1. Bridget-YOYO says:

    Cool!!! It looks awsome

  2. JHawk says:

    come on what about 3DS or Wii-U or Wii and can it at least have ragna the bloodedge on it man it would look better if ragna is in this game since it says XBlaze he couldve unlocked a new move with his azure grimoire called xblaze

  3. JHawk says:

    well im still on Blazblue 3 for blazblue 3 put some UVERworld songs on there i think theyll have good songs for ragna the bloodegde

  4. JHawk says:

    Wow that game looks just like senra kagura. you know you guys could get that game for your company theres no english version of it and alot of people want an english version of the game and since you guys are good at anime i wanted you guys to have an english senra kagura

  5. xChibi Carl says:

    Um… are they destroying blazblue? I see no way these games can possibly tie together, and if what I think their going to do is right this could possibly kill blazblue. =(

  6. hazamayuui says:

    hey guys, im new her, but a real big blazblue fan, so i just saw this trailer for Xblaze, and i quit dont get it, i see thees new charaters and the theme is very merabel to the blazblue series but still i dont thing it is related to the series, cuz i have played contiuem shift, climatic trigger, and exstend and i cant see any relations, so if you guys know anything the plez let me know XD ^^

  7. embraceofblades says:

    i see how this game coud be tied together. the main boy character looks like he could be a student at the Library’s Military Academy

  8. test brotbackautomat says:

    test brotbackautomat… » Arc System Works announces new game XBlaze! Potentially related to Blazblue?…

  9. Smartgirl Rabattcode Januar says:

    Smartgirl Rabattcode Januar… » Arc System Works announces new game XBlaze! Potentially related to Blazblue?…

  10. Oma Bilder says:

    Oma Bilder… » Arc System Works announces new game XBlaze! Potentially related to Blazblue?…

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