Images of all currently playable characters.

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  1. [...] good fighting game like Guilty Gear but the story is kinda messed up, here you can check the chars __________________ Heroes, they look good all the time. Last edited by dantemirror; 2 [...]

  2. [...] Schritt einzuarbeiten, was ich halt immer sehr geil finde. Hier könnt ihr euch die sehr geilen Charaktere anschauen, die den Eindruck machen als würden sie aus diversen Animes oder Mangas stammen, sie [...]

  3. bloodedge_mid says:

    BlazBlue has the best characters among other fighting games

  4. BmanNintendo says:

    Bang Shishigami 4 life!

  5. Bridget-YOYO says:

    They all have their own image making it very excuisite.

  6. [...] » Characters [...]

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