Good Sites to Look At:

  • The Official ZenUnited/BlazBlue Store
    (ships world-wide, sells shirts, LE versions of the games (sometimes), figures, posters, ect.) (shipping can be expensive outside of Europe though)
  • Play-Asia
    (sells games, arcade sticks, sometimes CDs and artbooks
  • Amazon (US)
    (sells games)
  • Amazon (JP)
    (sells some of the art books, Phase 0, Phase Shift 1, Japanese guides, ect.)
  • CDJapan
    (sells some figures, BlazBlue CDs, artbooks, the Japanese game, ect.)
  • Gamestop
    (sells the US versions of the games, also purchasing through this link helps donate to our site a little!)
  • GAME
    (sells the EU/UK/PAL versions of the games
4 Responses to “Stores”
  1. david says:

    desde que estoy esperando este bb cs extender ps3 por favor saquenlo en españollll
    tengo el blazblue calamite tiger es un juegazooo
    el CS tengo la version de ps3,xbox360, psp y 3ds ninguno tiene español.
    Por favor hagan como el calamity tigger y saquen el continnuen shift en español, quiero disfrutar este juego al maximo….!!

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