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lovin' it man, keep it up.

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Lucalibur wrote:
Under Night In Birth is a better game than blazblue.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:02 pm 
“You seem alright, y'know? Besides, I could kill you in a heartbeat if you tried anything,”

Like a boss.
Great story Hat, keep up the good work~!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:29 am 
This is cool.

Like the TV show Heroes without the terrible later seasons.

 Post subject: Chapter 3
PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:14 am 
The darkness enshrouded Kyosu as he slowly opened his eyes, groaning as he realized he was sitting upright, tied to a chair. He struggled with the ropes tying him, and let out a grunt. “Ungh! C'mon!”

A light turned on, and a black man gave a grin as he walked into the light from the darkness, almost as if he was invisible before. “So, what's your name bitch?” the man asked as he cracked his knuckles and his neck, tilting his head.

“Don't talk to me like that...” Kyosu said, and glowered at the man. “I'm Kyosu.”

“I'll talk to you anyway I want, Kyosu. You're my prisoner, my captive – my ransom maybe...” the man said, and smiled as he walked up to the chair. “So you have an angel, heh?”

“What do you want? Money?”

“I'm asking the questions here,” the man said as he lunged at Kyosu, backhanding him. Kyosu flinched, and opened his eyes to find the man's hand right in front of his face. “Next time I'll make you regret it.”

“Yes... I have an angel.”

The man grinned, and snapped his fingers, a door opening. A girl walked in, her clothes dirtied and her face having a bruise under the right eye. She looked at Kyosu with some fear in her eyes, clearly something was wrong here. “What did you do to Celestia?” he whispered, as the man stood up and grinned.

“I know a thing or two about angels, Kyosu. And I want yours.”

“It doesn’t work like that, I’ve told you!” Celestia protested, before Kyosu realized now that she had chains around her wrists and ankles, as she staggered forward. “Angels are bound to their hosts, they can’t just change, I don’t know what Abaddon’s been telling you but it’s a lie!”

“Shut the fuck up!” the man roared at her. “I’m not just a man who wants an angel, I’m a fuckin’ king, I’m Jacques fuckin’ Bryant III, I run the criminal underworld like it’s my bitch and I get what I want.”

Jacques smiled and looked at Kyosu, and then at the angel. “So, are you going to cooperate with me, or do I have to make her pay?” he asked Kyosu without glancing at him even.

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Kyosu yelled in anger. “What do I have to cooperate with – I don't even know how this whole angel thing works!”

Jacques snapped his fingers and the chains around Celestia's wrists glowed. She let out a scream of pain, falling to her knees and gasping for air. “You bastard!” Kyosu yelled, lunging in his chair, before falling back into the backrest.

“If you simply give me what I want, I'll stop. I want your angel.”

Kyosu bit his lip as Celestia looked up at him, getting to her feet slowly. “It... it doesn't work like that...” she whispered, and Jacques snapped his fingers again, and once again she screamed as the waves of pain coursed through her.

“Only angels can feel that shit- Abaddon taught me it. He promised me an angel, and I'm going to get one.”

“I'll kill you!” Kyosu shouted, and Jacques just laughed. “Leave her out of this, or I swear I'll kill you!”

Jacques stepped towards Kyosu and spat on him before backhanding him hard, the chair tipping over and him crying out in pain too now as his head slammed onto the hard, cold floor. “You better learn your place, little bitch. I own you and your angel now.”

Kyosu gave a grimace and looked at the floor under Celestia, before suddenly a swirl of energy opened under her, a portal beneath her. She fell through, and Jacques raced towards the portal as it shut.

“What the Hell did you do?” Jacques asked, as he turned fast and looked at Kyosu. He stepped forwards toward the boy who was now struggling in his chair, trying to get out of the ropes that bound him, Jacques cracking his knuckles. “Where's your angel, fuckhead?” he roared as he gave a hard kick to the man's ribs, and then grabbed the chair and righted it.

“S-safe...” Kyosu said, and glowered at Jacques.

“You know what? We'll see if you sing tomorrow, little birdie. Maybe being locked in the dark for a day will change your mind... if it really is a day.”

Jacques grinned a toothy grin at Kyosu as he left, Kyosu watching helplessly as the man vanished into the shadows, the light above him flickering off. Darkness enveloped him, his body bound to the chair. He couldn't focus enough to open a portal under him or decide where to open the other one as he closed his eyes tightly, unable to visualize a portal under the chair.

It would be a long day before Jacques came back to him, but he couldn't give in, he wouldn't.


Bellona yawned as she stretched in a swivel chair, her petite frame bending over the back of it. “Gods this is boring,” she managed to get out of her mouth with the yawn, as her neck gave a cracking noise. “Ah... that felt good,” she added then, as she now started to sit upright.

She picked up the quill and dipped it into the ink once more, and began to scratch the paper on her desk. Already, the design she was drawing was coming to shape – an hourglass, time flowing through it, the ink slowly drying onto it as she tilted her head for another pop.

The door to her hotel room opened softly as Gabriel walked in quietly, and without a sound from him he came up behind her to look down at the drawing. “You know this really isn't going to help you any, right?” he asked, the girl jumping in surprise.

“Gabriel, you almost made me mess up!” she yelled back at the angel. Gabriel laughed and rolled his eyes. “What do you mean by that though? I thought that if I drew the hourglasses I'd be able to understand them more...”

“I was joking, relax. It's a good exercise at your powers – speaking of powers...”

Gabriel pulled open the curtains over the window, letting some sun into the room. “I can feel something off, I don't know what though...”

Bellona sighed and put her quill down now, and closed the bottle of ink. “Well, what are we going to do about it? Is it a new angel?”

“I don't think so, it's almost as if... as if...” Gabriel stopped talking and turned. “We have to go, now. Where's Kyosu at? Do you know?”

“What? Why do you need to know?” Bellona asked, quickly following Gabriel as he walked to her door. Bellona grabbed her sword as Gabriel stopped at the door. “Is he in trouble? Is it something with his angel?”

“I think so, I'm not sure. Let's get there fast though – use your hourglasses.”

Bellona nodded, turning them, the two quickly leaving the apartment. Time frozen around them, they passed by people standing as still as statues, frozen as if in a movie on pause. She found a staircase and hurried down, Gabriel leading the way as she followed him. The way to Kyosu's place wasn't too far, but with time frozen she had to walk anyways.

When time resumed at her command, she was woozy and stumbled into Kyosu's door, Gabriel already having opened it and entering.

“Kyosu?! Are you there?” Bellona asked, Gabriel looking through the apartment. “Hello?”

No one responded, as Gabriel opened a closet and looked in, the front door to the apartment still open.

“Who are you?” a voice asked, as Bellona walked out of the bathroom, and a young, chestnut-brown haired woman was standing at the door of the apartment looking in. Her emerald eyes glimmered as she put a hand on her hip and rose an eyebrow.

“Who are you?” Bellona asked back bluntly as she quickly glanced around. “We're looking for Kyosu, he's a friend.”

“I-I've never seen you here before... what do you mean we?” the woman asked, nervous suddenly, slightly intimidated by the harsh attitude and tone that Bellona gave off.

Gabriel walked into the entrance again, and the woman blinked. “I-is that an angel?”

“Wait, you know what the angels are?” Bellona asked, as Gabriel quickly looked at her.

“How do you recognize me for what I am?”Gabriel asked as he raised an eyebrow inquisitively now.

“I have an angel too,” the woman said, as she stepped into the apartment. “Does Kyosu have one now? I've seen him leaving and going, never talked to him much though.”

“Er... who are you?” Bellona asked, as Gabriel nodded.

“I sense your angel,” he said silently to the woman, and from the hallway came a man with fiery red eyes and white hair, his white robes billowing behind him.

“I'm Adele, babe – and yourself?” she asked, and Bellona reflectively backed up.

“Bellona – and did you just... hit on me?” she asked, and instantly Adele's face went red.

“Little Ada can't help it, I'm afraid,” the angel said. His voice was rough yet refined, almost a burning accompanying it in Bellona's mind as she flinched once again. “I am Samael, her angel.”

“Samael, you know I hate when you call me Ada!” Adele pouted and the angel just laughed, as Gabriel introduced himself to Samael. “So why are we looking for Kyosu?”

“I think it's weird that you just happened to know who he is, and where he lives – but I'm not going to press you now if you just let us be.”

Bellona paused and there was a silence.

“We've talked, we just don't know each other well. I didn't know he had an angel,” Adele responded after a bit, and bit her lip.

“Okay, well, we think something happened. We don't know what, but...”

“I'll help,” Adele said and smiled. “It's the least I could do, he's kinda cute... but you're much cuter.”

Bellona just looked at her before shaking her head, and sighed. “Stop trying to flirt and you can, okay? I don't go your way,” she said as she turned, looking back into the apartment. “Where do you think he'd be...?”

“Do you know where he stayed before?” Adele asked, and Bellona shook her head. “We could try to find out – what's his last name? We can look him up online.”

“I'm not sure,” Bellona sighed as she leaned into a wall in an almost sultry way, completely oblivious to the fact that her pose was making her bosom stick out suggestively. Adele shifted and tried to look away from the woman.

There was a thud from inside the apartment, and quickly Bellona turned to see in the main hallway a portal opening, and a shout of panic.

“Umph!” the feminine voice echoed, as from the portal fell an angelic woman with bruises and a black eye, her white-robbed figure dirtied, her chains keeping her from getting up.

“Celestia!” Gabriel yelled, seeing the angel and racing towards her. “What happened? Where's Kyosu?”

“W-we...” she coughed, obviously the injuries given to her catching up now. “We were ambushed... Mount Rushmore...”

“Who did this? How did they? I didn't know people know the weaknesses of angels...” Gabriel whispered, as Bellona stood at the door, not sure how to help. She had been unaware that angels could be hurt to such an extent until now.

“A—baddon...” Celestia coughed, her eyelids flickering, her frame wobbling as Gabriel pulled her up and off the floor. “He-helping a man... h-orrible...”

“Get her some water,” Gabriel said quickly to Bellona, who nodded and hurried to the kitchen to get some water. “Samael, help me get her to a bed. She's suffering some internal bleeding, I don't know how they got her this bad,” he said quickly, tears in his eyes. He was close to Celestia, from before they fell. But not only that – fear coursed through him and through Samael. Somehow, a human had learned how to injure and ensnare angels to be trapped in the mortal realm.

Samael and Gabriel hurriedly carried the angel woman to the bed in Kyosu's apartment, throwing off the blankets as Bellona hurried in with a milk jug filled with water.

“You, girl, Adala or whatever you're called. Get us some ice,” Gabriel ordered now as he took the jug of water and quickly splashed some on the bed around Celestia. “Her body temperature is increasing, this isn't good. Samael, can you do anything?”

“I control fire, I'm afraid...” Samael said with a quick sigh. “If we can keep her temperature low we can do something, though, I think. As long as we keep her from reaching fusion.”

“F-fusion...?” Bellona asked as Adele returned. “You mean... like... a nuclear...”

“Yes, like a nuclear bomb. We run off pure energy, but we feed on emotions when on Earth so we don't burn up the planet,” Gabriel said, not realizing that he had revealed to her the foodsource of his kind for the first time.

“Feed... on emotions... what do you mean?”

“I'll explain later!”Gabriel snapped, before calming himself quickly. “Right now we have to maintain Celestia's body temperature. Help Adele get ice,” Gabriel said, and Bellona nodded. The fear of a nuclear reaction was enough to make anyone obey orders.

Adele hurried in with some ice, and the two angels put it on Celestia's body around her. Gabriel told Adele to keep getting ice, as he watched the ice around Celestia melt, some water beginning to boil. They didn't have much time to fix things.

“Her host must be burning with emotion right now,” Samael said, and Gabriel nodded soberly. They didn't know what all he was burning with at that moment, but emotion was the tip of the iceberg of Kyosu's current feelings.


Nihilium woke slowly, turning his neck to give off a popping noise as it cracked. He smiled somewhat, and turned his head to find next to him a girl in a purple night gown, an arm over his chest as she pressed her face into his neck.

“Good morning,” he whispered silently, as he pulled his arm from under the sleeping Raelyn. She stirred slightly as he pulled away, and when he sat up and stood from the bed, only in his boxers, she opened her eyes.

“Wh-what are you doing in here...?” she asked, not remembering him for the first few seconds of his standing there and quickly turning around. “Oh my god... tell me we didn't...”

Nihilium paused before he shook his head. “We didn't. I just slept in your bed because we were talking, remember?”

Raelyn blushed a deep red as she just pulled the covers over herself more. “Give me some privacy then, will you?”

“Hehe, sorry. We only just slept in the same bed, I didn't think that was too much of an issue to the girl who was crawling over me,” he teased, Raelyn grabbing the nearest shirt and flinging it at him. He gave a laugh and quickly he hurried out of the room.

Raelyn muttered as she pulled the blanket off of her, and she walked into the bathroom connected to her bedroom, shedding her night gown on the way. The shower turned on, and she closed the curtains. The hot water ran down her skin, and she gave a sigh of release. She turned her back to the shower head, her hair getting wet now as she ran her hands through it. Tipping her head back, water almost hit her eyes as it rinsed her scalp.

There was a knock outside the shower that she ignored, assuming it was just Nihilium in the halls or something. If he needed anything, he'd just ask. And if he tried getting in... well, the door locked automatically and she was always prepared. Besides, he had plenty of time to try anything she told herself, trying to comfort herself.

She began to rub shampoo in to her hair now, vigorously getting it down to her scalp to clean it the best she could. The steam outside was condensing on the mirror, but the reflection she was blissfully unaware of in it was still there. A figure in white with an angelic face stood there silently, feminine in its shape but beyond gender description, like an angel should be.

As she rinsed the soap out of her hair, she heard Nihilium in the halls again but paid no mind to him, now grabbing a bar of soap and scrubbing herself down, before finally just letting the water spray down on her. And then there was a crash in the main house, and she jumped in shock.

Something happened in an instant, and the metal beam the shower curtain was on fell down, her hand seeming to act by instinct as it went to grab it, adrenaline fueling her as the curtain fell to the floor and the grasped a scimitar, now seeing the woman in her mirror.

“Who are you? She asked as the angel turned to smile at her, but she was raising the sword up, aiming it at the angel.

The sword began to burn, oddly enough, and she let out a yelp and dropped it, the woman raising an eyebrow as if to scold her, before turning. “I said, who are you? This is my house!”

The woman said nothing, but simply opened the door and entered the bedroom, Raelyn quickly grabbing a robe and throwing it on, despite the water on her. She muttered about it probably being ruined now as she tied it around her waist.

She followed the angel to the kitchen, where Nihilium was on the floor, his body shaking as a man stood over him.

“Bismillah! What is going on?” Raelyn demanded angrily, as she now saw the strange man with the woman. “Who are you two? Is he having a seizure? Don't just stand there, let me through!”

Raelyn pushed the man, who had in reality let her push him aside, away from Nihilium and got on a knee, looking at him. “I'm Delirium – his guardian angel. And you are now like him, ungrateful child.”

Raelyn glowered at the man and stood up now. “You're his 'guardian' eh? Then why is he having a seizure on the floor? Huh!? And who is that?” Raelyn pointed an accusing finger at the woman, and Delirium sighed, the woman looking at Raelyn with a little fear suddenly.

“That is your guardian angel.”

Raelyn dropped her finger and just stared before giving a laugh, not believing what she was hearing. “The scimitar in the bathroom was here doing. She gave you that weapon. I wouldn't use it too much, though. She's of my camp, she has cursed gifts,” Delirium's explanation ceased the laughter, but Raelyn didn't know what to say, if there was anything she could.

The woman walked towards her, and held up three fingers, before pointing the clock and then holding up two on one hand and four on the other. “Three... every twenty-four...?” Raelyn asked, the angel nodding. “Are you mute?”

Once again the angel nodded, and Nihilium opened his eyes now, looking to the angel, and then seeing Raelyn and Delirium. “She has one too now? Good.”

“You have some explaining to do,” Raelyn said as she whipped around to look at Nihilium. “What was that about that you just got up from it fine and dandy?”

“I have the power of sight – I can see things in the future, somewhat. If it's a powerful vision... I seem to pass out.”

“You mean you don't even understand it totally?”

Nihilium shook his head. “I don't. Delirium won't tell, and I figure I can just let it happen. It'll do what it does, and I have no power over it.”

“But... you do! Doesn't he? Don't I?”

“Yes, and no,” Delirium said now, the womanly angel standing at his side as he thought for a few seconds. “He can start the vision, but he can't control what it is. We angels, we... work differently than most things. We're a team, you could say. You have to be able to work together.”

Raelyn nodded, and smiled at the woman. “Then me and her better get to being good as a team, eh?” Raelyn's angel nodded, before she continued. “So, what did you see, Nihilium?”

“Fire is coming. That's all I could see.”

Raelyn nodded slowly, hoping Delirium would have insight on it. Instead, the angels were gone now.

“What... what do you mean?”

“You should get dressed, doll,” Nihilium responded as he found his way to the table and sat down. “I can wait.”

Raelyn realized now that she was in just a robe, and quickly she hurried from the kitchen to her bedroom to put on something else. Her mind was racing – the angels, the vision, all of this was coming so fast. What could it all mean? She didn't live in a big city, or do anything too important. Why was all this happening?

“Okay, so, what was all of that about?” she asked as she walked back into the kitchen to find Nihilium asleep at the table, his head in his arms. She sighed and walked to the table, sitting at it before hitting it with a hand.

Nihilium jumped awake in surprise as he almost stood up, falling out of the chair and to the floor when he started to sit in the chair that was now further behind him. Raelyn giggled at his reaction, and he just grumbled.

“Stupid...” he muttered, before shaking his head. “Sorry, I was just really tired. What is it?”

“What was all that about with the angels and the vision?” Raelyn asked as Nihilium began to get up, getting back into his chair and slumping forward.

“I'm not entirely sure with the vision...” Nihilium admitted before giving a shrug. “The angels, though... well, they are what they said they are. They give us powers.”

“And... that's just hard to believe,” Raelyn said, and sighed. “I mean, I guess it has happened, but... still. Hard to understand...”

“Just try not questioning it as much, that helps,” Nihilium said nonchalantly, and Raelyn nodded as she stood up now and walked towards a TV, flipping it on. The news was on, the anchorman at NASA's headquarters in Florida, at the launch.

“Oh, the rocket was launching today. With the Double A Satellite,” Raelyn said as she sat back down at the tablet, Nihilium silent. Across the screen, the words “Archangel Project Launch” scrolled, and Raelyn gave a bit of a smile. “That's funny. The day I find out about the angels they're launching the Archangel Satellite,” she commented.

Nihilium nodded, something about the scientist on the screen oddly – almost eerily – familiar to him. It clicked in his mind, it was the man he saw in the first vision he could remember. He remembered being told he'd be led home – but he wasn't home. “What in the world...” he wondered aloud, his brain ticking slowly, but not putting it all together. Something bigger was going on. Something he couldn't control.

He didn't have desire to control it, but he was beginning to realize it. Raelyn, though, was still blissfully unaware. Nihilium chose not to say anything, as he watched the rocket begin to lift off, carrying one of the first of thirteen satellites.


Ariel yawned as she opened her locker, her bag on the floor and some books and a jacket in the locker. She threw the jacket on around her shoulders, before putting her bag over her shoulders and grabbing a Calculus book, sighing. “I hate math,” she muttered silently as the kids around her hurried to and fro, ready for leaving the high school.

She opened the glass doors, and the sun shone down on her. She smiled as a gentle breeze carried her soft black hair, and she tilted her head a bit, getting her neck to pop a bit. Approaching her black car, she opened a door and threw her bag and Calculus book into the backseat, before getting into the driver's seat and putting the keys in the ignition.

She turned the keys, but not all the way. The radio flickered on as she sat there, pulling out a stick of gum and starting to chew it. She blew a bubble, tapping her fingers on the steering wheel impatiently as she waited.

The car door opened, and Allison got in next to her, throwing her bag behind the seat and almost hitting Ariel. “Hey, girl, Friday night!” she said happily as she slammed the door shut, the car humming to life.

“I know, going to be a great movie,” Ariel said with a smile as she put the car into reverse, backing into the parking lot lanes and driving forward. The two started talking as the car pulled out of the parking lot, passing by people walking down the sidewalks. The radio hit the hour mark, and the news began.

“Hey, that satellite's being launched today isn't it?” Allison asked with some interest. Despite her ways of acting like a stereotypical teenage girl, she had an interest in anything that dealt with space. She wanted to be an aerospace engineer, even.

“You mean the Double A Satellite?” Ariel asked, and Allison nodded. “I think so. Wonder when the other twelve with it will?”

“Throughout the next few months, pretty exciting. Maybe someday I'll be able to build better satellites...”

Ariel turned the car as Allison turned the news up, listening to the report on the satellite. The satellites were going to help plot courses for future space exploration and satellites, and when all thirteen were in place it'd be able to open themselves up to improve all methods of communications.

The car rolled into the drive-way to Ariel's house. Miles from the school, the drive had taken around five minutes and as the two got out of her they pulled out their bags and school books to take with them. “So, the movie's at seven isn't it?” Ariel asked, her parents would get home while they were gone if that was the case.

“Yeah, can't wait. I loved the books!” Allison said excitedly as the two walked from the car, and Ariel pressed the lock button on her keys. She smiled as she opened her house's front door, met by dark halls and rooms.

“I gotta pee,” Allison said quickly as she pulled her shoes off, and hurried to the restroom, leaving Ariel to go into her living room alone.

It was a very nice room, with a lounge sofa and a La-Z-Boy recliner on the walls, paintings made by Ariel's late great-grandmother on the walls and a flat screen HD TV. She lay on the couch, kicking her shoes off as she yawned loudly, generally relaxing in every way people usually do. Footsteps were heard as she closed her eyes, expecting to open them to find Allison.

Instead, Micheal stood there, impatient looking. “Oh, it's you.”

“Yes, it's me,” Micheal responded with hints of boredom as he looked around the room. “I've been hoping to talk to you about the whole thing with your powers.”

“You mean over shadows? Yeah, that's cool and all. I'm not sure what you'd need to talk to me about with them though...”

“It's dangerous to use them,” Micheal said now as he sat down in the La-Z-Boy. “There are people out there that would kill for them.”

“Yeah, but it's not like angels are that well-known is it? I doubt that anyone where I live do,” Ariel said, and paused. “Can we do this later? I'm supposed to be hanging out with Allison.”

“Yeah, I suppose. It might be best if she remains unaware of the angels, jealousy over wanting one could start if she knew.” Micheal stood up and straightened out his robes, and gave Ariel a bow – she merely waved back as he walked through the doorway and into the other room, vanishing into it just as Allison came in.

“Okay, girlfriend, so what are we going to do until the movie?”

Ariel glanced over at the doorway, and gave a smile. “I want to show you something really cool,” she said, wondering if Micheal would come back to stop her from showing off her powers. “See those shadows?” she asked, and Allison nodded.

The shadows vanished, and Allison stared dumbfounded. “How...?”

They re-appeared but were bigger now, and moving, undulating almost as if they were alive. “That is so cool, Ariel! How are you doing that?”

“A magician never reveals her secrets,” Ariel said with a grin as she laughed. “Pretty awesome though, isn't it?”

“I'd say!” Allison watched the shadows intently, before they began to vanish again. “Well, if I ever figure out how, I'm totally going to have to do this too!”

Ariel smiled, and Allison took a seat on the La-Z-Boy recliner, popping the footrest up to lean back. “Ah, this feels amazing. So...”

Ariel sat up and picked up a pillow from the other side of the couch, pulling it to her chest and holding it tightly.

“Any boys at school you think are cute?” Allison asked with a grin, and Ariel's face turned red. “Oh my god, your face right now!” Allison laughed, as Ariel just blew out into the pillow, before nodding.

“Yeah, there's one, but you already know...”

“Grant? He is – did you see him today?”


"Gee, Ariel, I know you're shy but I'm your best friend, I won't question you,” Allison said as she rolled her eyes. “Now, I personally think that Grant's alright, but he has nothing on DJ. He took his shirt off in gym today and I swear, I was drooling – those abs!”

“I'm not really into abs...”

“I know, I know. That's why you're into Grant and his flat stomach,” Allison joked, and jumped up from the recliner and climbed onto the couch with Ariel.

“At least Grant talks to me,” Ariel said back, and Allison put her hands on her face in mock shock.

“Ariel! So rude, what would your mother say?” Allison teased, and Ariel just laughed.

“Stop it, you,” Ariel said as she pushed the pillow into Allison. “Let's see if they have the launch on TV, it might be airing it now.” She grabbed the remote and Allison shrugged.

“It was this morning I think, but they might be re-airing it,” she said, and Ariel turned the TV on, switching it to the news. They were re-airing it, talking about how the satellite was successfully in orbit now.

The rocket roared to life as they replayed the footage, the American flag on it accompanied by a European Union flag, a Chinese flag, and the UN flag. The brilliant plume of fire and smoke beneath it pushed it into the air, as it carried something on it.

Ariel felt some dread in her as Allison smiled, but put a smile on her face. There was no reason for this dread she was feeling now she knew, but as she watched she felt it all the same.

She looked in a mirror and for a minute she could see Micheal staring back at her, and she shook her head, as the news began talking about a blockbuster movie making some millions on opening night, the same movie that Ariel and Allison were going to see at seven that night.

“Looks like our movie was good,” Allison joked, and Ariel gave a smile.

“Yeah, maybe we can skip it?” she asked, as the feeling of dread subsided away.

“Psh, no. I'm totally hyped for it even more now. Go Snow!” she cheered, and Ariel just laughed.

Ariel looked at that mirror again, now without Micheal's face in it. She stared, wondering what was going to happen in the coming months, now that she had this power. But she felt safe, knowing that he was watching her. Somehow, she had already begun to trust him completely.

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yeah real smooth nihilium, wake up in bed with a girl and have a seizure 2 minutes later.

and I still say, Jacques = Debo.

Really enjoying this though, keep it comin.

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Lucalibur wrote:
Under Night In Birth is a better game than blazblue.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:44 am 
Hunger Games reference is awesome mang~

Jacques is a pro, which is why he can be Debo and not get pwned with a brick.

Shit is starting to get crazy, can't wait for next week~

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Hah! You cant stop Kyosu from using his hands even when you tie his hands!

And then he gets kicked in the ribs!

Great work Colton, loved the read. Keep up the great work.

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Jacques fuckin' Bryant III is like the governor. Only AWESOME.

And Jacques fuckin' Bryant III will now forever be referred as that.

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This was cool. Very cool.

But Ariel's story is kind of boring to read.

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Kyosu awoke as the sound of footsteps entered his ears, and he quickly began to look about, his eyes grasping for any source of light, any fellow humans in the room. “Who's there?” he managed to say out of his mouth. It was dry, he was hungry, he was weak from yelling until he had passed out for an hour or so.

No one responded but the footsteps continued, whoever was approaching could clearly see better than Kyosu. Kyosu felt his heart begin to beat faster, panic starting to hit him. Was this that Jacques King guy, coming in for more? No, that wasn't his name... Jacques... Bryant? Yeah. But he had said something about being a king...


The single word was short and cold, the simpleness of it haunting in its own unique way.

“Have you decided?”

Kyosu's eyes wildly searched the room, the voice seemed directionless, nothing about it hinted at where it came from.


Kyosu shifted, before he closed his eyes slowly. “I have decided, bastard. I'll cooperate. Are you going to free me?”

There was no response, no noise. Kyosu began to think he had gone insane, the voice was his imagination, the footsteps too. No one was there, no one. He was alone. How long had it been? He couldn't remember falling asleep OR waking up, so not too long... but what if in the dark he couldn't tell the difference?

And then he felt a fist slam into his face, his chair tipping as his body flung against the floor. His head crashed into the floor and he felt something wet on it before he felt his sleeves being grabbed and pulled up almost enough to rip them off. Despite the chair tied to him, Kyosu was lifted back up.

“You don't fucking call me 'bastard', you hear?” the man snarled before throwing him and the chair, the crashing into the floor in a horrendous manner.

Kyosu spat on the floor. “Untie me and try that,” he said back, anger filling him now. “I'll kick your ass.”

“Wanna bet?” Jacques asked with a laugh. “Fine, I will. Then I'll kick your fucking ass, bitch.”

Kyosu, still unable to see much, felt his ropes break from a knife and he stood up quickly, leaping away without concern on where he was going. He couldn't see the man, and wasn't willing to let him get a sneak attack in.

“Turn a light on so we're on equal grounds, coward.”

Jacques just laughed as he flipped his switchblade open and close. “Why? It's funner this way. Cat and fucking mouse.”

Kyosu swore and dove the moment he heard footsteps, doing so just in time to feel the blade barely scrap him.

He swung out a leg, feeling it make contact almost instantly as he did so. Jacques fell down to his knees as Kyosu reached for him, grabbing his shirt. “Doesn't feel good to be the one thrown around does it?”

“I wouldn't know,” Jacques responded with a snarl, before slashing his blade now – he hadn't dropped it in the fall, or if he had he already picked it back up. He slashed at Kyosu and hit his arm, Kyosu gasping in pain.

Kyosu let go of Jacques shirt as he kicked up, sending Kyosu backwards. He lost his balance and fell onto his rear with a loud umph! before a pain hit his head horribly. He gasped and put his hand on his head, before realizing he was bleeding.

“Oh, shit.” Kyosu scrambled to his feet as his vision finally adjusted enough for him to see Jacques lunching at at him. He grabbed Jacques arm and the two stepped back a few times, all Kyosu's energies running on adrenaline from his wanting to get out.

He barely had enough room to concentrate at all as he closed his eyes and focused, his back hitting against a wall. He quickly imagined a portal opening behind him, but couldn't visualize anything for it to open into.

Instead, he quickly visualized it in that room, behind Jacques, and as he fell against it the portal closed. Kyosu stumbled into the room behind Jacques, the gangster's hand in it just enough for Kyosu to emerge without any damage.

Jacques hand with the blade was in Kyosu's grip still and he let it go, the gangster screaming in pain. “My arm! The fuck happened?”

Kyosu let go of the hand and it hit the ground, and he quickly sprinted. “You bastard, you cut my hand off! You fucker!” roared Jacques, as he started to run now, knowing he had to get the bleeding to stop before he simply bleed to death. His footsteps echoed and Kyosu turned, trying to catch up to Jacques.

Jacques' footsteps were slamming against the floor louder and louder, before a door opened, Kyosu reaching for it as Jacques pushed it. He couldn't soon enough to hold it open though, Jacques glare of hatred the last thing Kyosu was able to see before the darkness came back.

He felt something break, somewhere. He didn't know what or where, but the most horrific feeling of something simply shattering hit him in that moment. It was as if a part of him had simply up and left.

He tried to open a portal, but couldn't. He visualized the link between there and his house, but nothing came.


“Get out!” roared Gabriel, as Bellona returned with some ice. “Celestia's starting to give off radiation, you'll die!” he explained, Bellona nearly dropping the ice in shock at the outburst. She nodded quickly, hurrying out after setting the ice bucket down as Gabriel swore.

“We're not going to be able to stop it, are we?” Samael asked, and Gabriel nodded grimly. “What are we going to do?”

“We have to contain her, you know the way.” Gabriel lowered his head, closing his hands except for the pointer and index finger on each. He put his right hand on Celestia's forehead, her body radiating heat as it wavered and churned, its very shape starting to distort. Samael followed suit, placing his left hand on her forehead, the two sighing softly as they placed their other hand's fingers together. It was as if Celestia was a mirror.

They whispered silently, sound barely escaping their lips, as Bellona peaked in through the doorway to see what was going on, Adele doing the same.

“I-is she going to go?” Adele asked in fear, the idea of the angel going nuclear frightening her nearly out of her wits. Bellona said nothing, as she watched, her eyes full of terror.

The glow around the three increased, the heat and light starting to hurt her eyes and face. She ducked beneath a couch, Adele doing the same mere moments later. “This is too much... my god... I never knew this was even a possibility, Gabriel never said...”

“Samael never said either. But he also never said my neighbor had an angel.”

To calm herself, Bellona grabbed a remote and turned the TV on, hoping to be able to find something, anything, to take her mind off the nuclear meltdown going on in the kitchen. The clock read nearly midnight as she shook.

“The Archangel Satellite successfully has begun its first orbit around the Earth, passing over Europe,” the news reported gleefully, Bellona shrugging with little interest as she flipped the channel. A late night talk show was on, and she just sighed with relief to find something at least entertaining.

Adele peeked over the couch, to see what the angels were doing, seeing the two lowering their hands to place them at Celestia's stomach.

“Ad regim,” the two said at once, finishing their ritualistic process loudly. The three glowed brightly, Adele ducking back beneath the couch in hopes of surviving somehow that way, but the three angels didn't do anything as their light grew in magnitude.

The TV began to flicker static, before the lights did too. A great roar was heard, as if a thousand bombs were being dropped onto the city, Bellona screamed and grasped mentally for her powers. She needed them, she needed time to pause, give her time to run, but she couldn't, time flowed, almost faster.

In an eternity that felt like mere seconds, she screamed as she felt the fabric of reality rip apart and felt her own body torn to pieces, every nuance of pain possible to be felt in a lifetime hitting her at once, her mind ripping itself apart.

The next moment, the apartment was calm and serene, her screaming faded as she turned, the angels gone. Something had happened, she knew it. Celestia had to have gone critical, she must have gone nuclear. She remembered the blast...

Her mind was in a state of numbness, as she acted on instinct and stood up, Adele doing the same. It was as if the two women, who barely knew one another and were nothing alike, they were replaced by husks.

And then they fell into the couch, unconscious. Their eyelids flickered as their minds retired to a subconscious state, their bodies needing rest. Extreme energy amounts had just been released from the three angels, who were now mysteriously gone.

Those moments before the angels vanished, Gabriel had closed his eyes along with Samael, and then the next moment, they were gone. Bellona and Adele were already on the couch, unconscious, the two exhausted oddly.

Something had happened, somewhere. A star moved across the sky, slowly. It dimmed and brightened slowly, in a cycle as if it were a lighthouse light. And then it vanished.


Raelyn's eyes snapped open as she felt something stirring next to her in bed, her body jumping. She had let Nihilium share her bed again, under the agreement that he would stay on his side of the bed. Partly, it was because she felt bad for not being able to help him with his amnesia. Her research into it had shown that she could do nothing probably, and she felt as if she owed him. Plus, well.. he was kind of cute...

But he was rubbing against her, and while he was asleep but she had to just remind him regardless.

As she began to nudge him to wake him, she realized that he was shaking, muttering things. “No... none...” he whispered to himself, the meaning of the words not apparent.

Raelyn felt her sympathy for him tug at her heart and wrapped an arm around Nihilium, hoping to comfort him. Something was wrong with him, involving the amnesia and the angels. She had a feeling there was something more to the angels than they let on, but she didn't know what. She just knew that whatever was happening to this man related to them.

“Shhh,” Raelyn hushed him as she pulled him close and rested her head on his shoulders. “It's all okay. We can protect each other,” she whispered silently, Nihilium's body slowly beginning to not shake, his whisperings dying down until he lay there silent once more.

Raelyn smiled softly as she fell asleep that way, her eyes closing.

They both had nightmares, as something horrible happened far away, the effects of it rippling through reality towards them.


“That movie was great!” exclaimed Alison as she threw her hands into the air as the two teenage girls walked out of the movie theater, grinning. “It was just amazing!”

“I know!” Ariel said as she laughed, the bustling group of theater goers around them moving like waves as they talked about it. “We should wait for the rush of cars to die down,” she said, as they stepped down from the curb and into the parking lot.

Ariel pulled her car keys and pressed the unlock button, her car beeping and the two hurrying into it. Cars were pulling out of the parking lot as they closed the doors and Ariel turned the car on so that the electricity was flowing, the radio humming to life.

Rock music was playing loudly on her radio, as the two looked out as cars went by. The radio static grew and Ariel sighed. “Great, this song is awesome too.” She turned the dial and found more static, and raised an eyebrow.

“Weird. Maybe the radio's just bad?” Alison suggested, before the sound of the emergency alert system filled the car. She jumped almost, as the noise came through the static in a fuzzy-sounding broadcast.

“This is the Emergency Broadcast System. Nuclear radiation has been detected in high levels in..bzzzttt...” The static picked up louder as the broadcast continued, the words becoming harder to make out. Something about Buffalo, New York was said, or at least it sounded like that.

“There have been no reports of any explosions in the effected areas, but civilians are encouraged to remain indoors until the cause of the reports of high radiation levels is found. Message repeats...”

Ariel looked at Alison who kind of gave a nervous shrug, trying to rationalize what was going on. Buffalo wasn't too far away from the two of them in Michigan, and Ariel looked behind her. “So... we should probably get home,” she said quietly, Alison nodding.

The emergency broadcast signal finished as the car backed into the parking lot. The traffic had died down enough for her to get out of the parking lot without any trouble, going down a dark street towards her house. Some people were walking home, wearing t-shirt merchandise for the movie that Ariel and Alison had just saw. One or two were in cosplay for it even.

Ariel turned and the car started down a steep hill, accelerating even as Ariel pushed down on the brakes, the red light from the rear brake lights lighting the very back of the car. The hill began to level out until a flat stretch of road, at which point they were now in a neighborhood once again.

And then something happened.

In the distance a horrible light was visible, glowing brighter than the sun itself. Ariel slammed on the brakes as the car's tires squealed as her hands moved from the steering wheel to shield her eyes, Alison letting out a shriek. Ariel's powers kicked in as she felt shadows overcoming some of the brightness, but she couldn't all of it.

Alison's eyes were closed tightly and her hands over her eyes as Ariel managed to see enough to pull the car back into its lane, almost hitting a parked car as the radio static grew louder and louder, the sound from the explosion in the east reaching her ears in a deafening roar of thunder, her car pulling to a stop before she put it in park quickly.

She covered her head down, Alison doing the same, the roar of thunder and the light dying down slowly, leaving behind a faint flow in the distance, Ariel opening an eye in curiosity to see what was going on.

“What... what was that?” she asked breathlessly, the car radio nothing but static now. She turned the dials, trying to find any stations that were broadcasting news on what had happened, but she couldn't find anything that came in at all.

“I-I-...d-don't know,” Alison said with a stammer, her eyes wide and darting around, her entire body shaking in fear.

Ariel opened the car door and stood outside, trying to get a better view of what had happened. People were coming outside, as she heard footsteps, a man approaching her car. She turned just as he got there.

“Micheal!” she whispered in surprise, and the angel just raised a finger to shush her. “Wh-”

“Get in the car and drive.”

She nodded and quickly got back in, the car engine still humming as she put it in drive, seeing Micheal now in her backseat. “We should hurry up and get home,” Ariel said and Alison nodded, the car rolling down the street.


The helicopter flew overhead, its blades whirring faster and faster. The bald man in the passenger compartment of it smiled, straightening his tie as his cold, gray eyes gazed through his glasses. He cracked his neck and looked out the window, his white tuxedo flawless as he gave a small chuckle.

Next to him was his wife and in the other two seats in the compartment were two other men. His wife was blond with plastic surgery all over her body. From her nose and almost plastic-like face to her body that looked almost like a Barbie doll. Her eyes weren't even real, she wore brilliantly blue contacts and her lips were filled wit botox.

The other two men were in army fatigues, their faces covered with gas masks, adding intimidation to their already frightening size.

“My dear, soon things will be just as we have been planning,” said the man, as his wife gave a sigh that was as fake as she was. His finger pressed a button. “Tell me the readings, Dr. Jones.”

“Sir, the first Archgen has confirmed the radiation's source. The explosion that was just documented in towns thirty to a hundred miles from the radiation has been confirmed.”

The voice came from a speaker in the helicopter, and the man laughed, his wife leaning into him. “Excellent, then. It turns out that my theories were correct.”

“Sir, we will be receiving you at Archgen headquarters at two o hundred local time still, correct?”

“Correct, Dr. Jones. Oh, and make sure our coffee is hot this time.”

“Will do, sir.”

The speaker silenced, as the man just nodded his head with a whimsical smile, it was as if he were a kid listening to a story he had heard a thousand times. But he wasn't a kid. He was aware of what was going on, he knew the truth. And he wasn't a man who would be fooled.

His name was known to few, that was how he had always operated. In the shadows of shadows, at the most exposed. And now he was finally able to put things into motion.

“You two. Be sure that you aren't exposed,” he said to the soldiers who simply nodded. “I wouldn't want my dear soldiers dying in such a futile manner.”

His wife shifted in her seat, an excited smile on her face. She put a hand on the man's arm and squeezed, before leaning her head into his shoulder. “Soon,” she whispered with a vacant look on her face, as if behind those eyes there wasn't much of a person there. She hadn't always been like that, but as her mind focused on the events that were to come...

The man said nothing in response, the compartment falling silent.

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