Can stimulating foods be eaten when suffering from sudden deafness?

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Sudden deafness affects the patient's hearing and is a relatively serious hearing impairment disease. Most patients will develop the disease suddenly, with severe unilateral hearing loss. Patients will also experience obvious ear plugging sensation, and those with long-term disease will experience dizziness. Wait for uncomfortable symptoms.

Can irritating foods be eaten when suffering from sudden deafness?

People with sudden deafness should avoid eating irritating foods, including tobacco and alcohol. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible. The first 3 months of sudden deafness are the treatment period. The earlier the treatment, the better the effect. If your hearing still cannot be restored after the 3-month treatment period, you need to go to a hearing center to choose a suitable hearing aid to assist listening.

Diet is very important for patients with sudden deafness. Friends, you should beware of the occurrence of this disease. Once the ear disease occurs, you must actively treat it and pay attention to strengthening it. In terms of nursing care, you need to arrange your daily diet reasonably, avoid eating foods that are too irritating, reduce greasy foods, adjust your diet structure, and eat healthily.
1. Add more foods rich in protein and vitamins, such as lean meat, beans, various green leafy vegetables and other foods.
2. Eat more foods containing zinc, such as fish, chicken, chicken liver, eggs, various seafood, etc.
3. Eat more foods rich in magnesium. Common foods include bananas, pineapples, walnuts, etc.
4. Eat more foods rich in vitamin D and calcium. Common foods include skim milk, bone soup, calcium tablets, etc.
5. Drink more milk, milk is very rich in nutrients.
6. The diet should be light and nutritious, reduce warm and dry foods, and avoid drinking strong tea, coffee, wine and other irritating drinks before going to bed.

To prevent sudden deafness, you should develop good living habits. Bad living habits, including being tired and staying up all night, will have a great impact on tension, such as Smoking can cause vasospasm, affect the blood supply to the inner ear, and cause some functional disorders. You should pay attention to health care and avoid long-term exposure to noise to prevent senile diseases.of vascular disease.