Siliconera had managed to secure a short interview with the main man behind Blazblue to talk about Continuum Shift II Plus for Vita. We already know that Continuum Shift II is out for PSP, 3DS and been patched for the console versions so the gameplay is up to date to match the latest arcade revision however Mori is also bringing Continuum Shift II Plus (working title) to the newly announced PS Vita . Do check out Siliconera for the brief interview and stay tuned as there will be a follow up interview with the possibility of a Guilty Gear X Blazblue which has been talked about by the fans for some time!


3 Responses to “Toshimichi Mori talks about Continuum Shift II Plus for Vita!”
  1. YukiXShadow says:

    hey i was wonderin if u guys can make an anime of this game i think it it really good with the anime cut scenes it would be nice to make an anime

  2. BmanNintendo says:

    Continuum Shift 2 huh?
    Heh,well looks like I’ll be gettin’ my hands on that soon.

  3. Griff says:

    Yo when does this game come out for the 360 I want to collect it. ALL OF IT

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