Can regular listening to soft music relieve tinnitus and brain tinnitus?

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Tinnitus is a subjective sound experienced by the human ear in the absence of external sound or electrical stimulation. To be precise, tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease. For example, many patients describe buzzing, chirping, ringing, running water, drumming, etc. in their ears, but there is no corresponding sound source in the outside world, so they can be diagnosed as tinnitus. If these sounds occur in the head, they are called tinnitus.

Can regular listening to soft music relieve tinnitus and brain tinnitus?

Listening to light music will have a certain effect on improving tinnitus and brain ringing. Music therapy, also called masking therapy, uses other external sounds to mask and suppress tinnitus. When the external sounds are removed, the tinnitus will be reduced or disappear.

When listening to music to treat tinnitus, you must first choose cheerful music or a melody that the patient finds pleasant. Because only this kind of music can attract the attention of the patient's brain. In addition, the volume of the music is also key. The volume should not be too high, but not too low either. Just adjust it to just enough to partially cover the tinnitus sound. The reason why this method is called "masking therapy" is that the volume of the music is just enough to partially "mask" the sound of tinnitus.

Tinnitus and brain tinnitus are mainly caused by poor rest, lack of sleep, mental stress, irritability and other bad emotions, or viral infection, which causes neurological symptoms. Damage occurs.

Several ways to relieve tinnitus.

1. Since stress is one of the causes of tinnitus, it is necessary to find a way to relieve stress that is suitable for you, which will play a certain role in alleviating tinnitus.

2. Don’t just focus on busy work and ignore your body. Therefore, you should pay attention to adjusting your work rhythm and avoid excessive fatigue. Especially people with high work pressure should learn to self-regulate and relax appropriately. Achieve a balance between work and rest.

3. Learn to regulate your emotions appropriately, lose your temper as little as possible, and don’t worry or be suspicious. It should be noted that if you have symptoms of anxiety and depression, you should take medication under the guidance of a doctor.

4. There are many white-collar workers who usually go out to socialize or work overtime because of their work.I often go to bed very late or even stay up late. This situation should be avoided as much as possible. Ensuring sleep will be of great help in alleviating tinnitus.
5. Many menopausal women suffer from tinnitus due to endocrine disorders, so endocrine regulation is very necessary.
6. Since the inner ear of the human body is very fragile and can usually only withstand a volume of 90 decibels, it is very necessary to reduce noise stimulation. Therefore, do not wear headphones to listen to music for a long time, and try to avoid being in noisy entertainment venues. length of stay.