Why can't you pick your ears often?

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Some people have developed the habit of picking their ears whenever they have free time. I like to pick my ears, and there are all kinds of tools for picking my ears. In fact, picking out ears is not a good habit, especially for underage children, let alone picking out ears casually.

Why can't you clean your ears often?

Under normal circumstances, no one needs to clean the earwax. Once the earwax accumulates too much, it will fall out naturally. Having an appropriate amount of earwax in the ears can sometimes bring unexpected benefits to people. For example, when a small bug suddenly flies into the ear, because the ear urine has a special smell, the small bug will be smoked out of the ear automatically after smelling it. If there is no earwax, small bugs can go directly to the middle ear, which may cause damage to the tympanic membrane and cause otitis media.

Frequent ear removal may firstly reduce the protective function of earwax on the ear canal and destroy the humidity balance in the ear canal; secondly, it may also push earwax or other foreign objects into the ear canal. Deep in the ear canal, causing blockage in the ear canal and affecting the normal hearing of the individual; in addition, if the correct strength is not grasped when removing the ear, it may cause damage to the skin of the external auditory canal or the tympanic membrane.

Introducing the dangers of frequent ear picking.

1. Damage to the ear canal
By picking out the ears, the earwax may be pushed deeper, thereby blocking the ear canal and affecting hearing. At the same time, if you use hard objects such as cotton swabs to pick out your ears, you may damage the ear canal and cause pain or bleeding.

2. Increases the risk of ear infections
When you pick your ears, it is easy to introduce bacteria and microorganisms into the ear canal, thereby increasing the risk of ear infections. Especially if you pick your ears in an unclean environment, it is more likely to cause ear infections.

3. Effects of earwax
Although earwax looks uncomfortable, it is actually a natural substance that protects the ears and can prevent dust, dirt and bacteria from entering the ear canal. If you frequently pick your ears, it will destroy the function of earwax and increase the risk of ear infections.

4. Damage to the tympanic membrane

If you use too much force or dig too deep when picking out your ears, you may damage the tympanic membrane, causing tinnitus, hearing loss and other problems. In severe cases, permanent hearing loss may occur. < /p>

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How to get your ears correctly

1. Pay attention to the frequency of digging your ears. should. Of course, if you have oily ears, you can pick out your ears every 3 to 5 days. And if the environment is poor and there is a lot of dust, the time can be shortened relatively.

2. Tools used
It is recommended to use cotton swabs to pick out ears. Do not use fingernails directly, and do not use iron tools, especially sharp objects, otherwise it will be easy to damage the ears. Injury to skin and eardrum.

3. How to remove the ear

Don’t use too much force or too deep. Use a cotton swab to gently rotate the external auditory canal and try to point the ear downward to allow the earwax to come out on its own. . If the earwax is hard and large, it is best to go to the hospital and ask a professional to clean it.

In short, frequently picking your ears is a bad habit, which can cause harm to your ears and may even lead to permanent hearing loss. Therefore, we should avoid frequently picking out our ears, and only seek professional medical help when there are real problems with our ears. At the same time, in daily life, you should pay attention to keeping your ears clean and avoid staying in an uncleaned environment for too long to prevent ear infections.