The elderly always cannot understand what others are saying and their speech is unclear. What should I do?

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Everyone may have had this experience: when talking to the elderly at home, they always cannot hear clearly and interrupt. This may be what people often call "senile deafness". "Presbyacusis" is one of the most common diseases among the elderly. Because they cannot hear others clearly and always interrupt their speech, the elderly will become reticent for fear of being laughed at, which may even cause serious consequences.

The elderly always cannot understand what others are saying and their speech is unclear. What should I do?

When premature deafness occurs in the elderly, we must seize the time and take appropriate preventive and treatment measures as early as possible to avoid further development of the disease.

The elderly’s difficulty in hearing and communicating is mainly caused by hearing loss and reduced speech resolution. It is recommended that you take the elderly to a professional hearing aid center to have their hearing tested to determine the extent and nature of the hearing loss. The normal judgment is: 26-40 decibels is mild hearing loss, 41-60 decibels is moderate hearing loss, 61-80 decibels is severe hearing loss, and above 80 decibels is extremely severe hearing loss.

The elderly with poor hearing will have difficulty enunciating clearly in the later stages, because hearing and speaking abilities are closely related. Generally speaking, if the elderly cannot hear clearly, they can consider wearing Hearing Aids under the advice of a doctor. . Slurred speech may also be caused by stress and anxiety. Because sometimes I cannot express my meaning, and if others cannot hear clearly, I will feel nervous and impatient, and then I will become even more unclear.

Some elderly people may have difficulty pronouncing words clearly due to Alzheimer's disease. However, these elderly people will not have particularly obvious difficulty in moving their limbs. Instead, they will mumble. Clinical symptoms such as muttering to oneself, being unable to find your way home, forgetting things, and delirium are usually not difficult to identify and can be treated symptomatically with medication.

Health is very important. Only with ears can we communicate normally with others, and only then can we clearly understand what others are talking about and what they really want. . Therefore, we must protect our ears at ordinary times, do not use hard objects to pick out our ears, and do not damage our ears. This is not good for our ears. We should stay away from places with too much noise.