Atlus tapped the 2D fighting game masters at Arc System Works to make a fighting game based off Persona 4. So will this collaboration work the other way too? Will Arc ask the RPG masters at Atlus to make an RPG based off BlazBlue?

4Gamer asked that very question to Toshimichi Mori as part of an interview about Persona 4 Arena, which Mori produced. Replied Mori, “I’d like to do it, but if we did make an RPG, I’d want to make it myself. I’m the kind of person who likes do do things himself wherever possible (laughs).”

Mori added, however, that if he did make something else with BlazBlue, he’d want to first make an adventure game, although he quickly corrected himself and pointed out that the home BlazBlue conversions have an adventure mode.

He then joked that he’d make a game where Ragna performs surgery.

Jokes aside, Mori reiterated that if they did make a BlazBlue RPG, he’d like to do it himself. However, if the Persona team did make a BlazBlue RPG he’d want to see it, he said.

All I got to say is…

Take my money
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