Tinnitus can cause deafness. Will tinnitus still occur after deafness?

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Many deaf patients feel more or less tinnitus in their ears, and tinnitus is often closely related to deafness. Some doctors say that tinnitus is a precursor to deafness, and it is indeed true. Tinnitus and deafness are closely related and often go hand in hand.

Tinnitus can cause deafness. Will tinnitus still occur after deafness?

Under normal circumstances, if you have deafness, it may cause tinnitus. It is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible and seek medical treatment at an otolaryngology department. The doctor will treat the symptoms according to the specific situation and improve the symptoms. If it is neurological deafness, It can be treated with some neurotrophic drugs, drugs that promote microcirculation, etc. In addition, it does not rule out that it is caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain, insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, otitis media, etc. It also requires timely symptomatic treatment to relieve symptoms and pay more attention to it. Rest, get enough sleep, and slowly improve your condition.

There are many causes of tinnitus, and there are large differences in tinnitus incidence statistics. Different research methods may lead to different conclusions. Many people believe that tinnitus can cause deafness. This view is wrong. Deafness is usually accompanied by tinnitus, which can be said to be a sequelae of deafness, but tinnitus does not necessarily accompany deafness, let alone cause deafness. However, after discovering tinnitus, you must go to the hospital for examination in time to detect the diseases that cause tinnitus as early as possible, and some of these diseases may cause deafness.

How to prevent hearing loss and tinnitus?
1. Try to avoid prolonged exposure to noise.

2. Avoid long-term mental stress, physical and mental fatigue, and change some bad habits, such as staying up late, smoking and drinking too much, drinking too much coffee, etc. Caffeine and alcohol can worsen tinnitus symptoms; smoking can lower blood oxygen and cause damage to the hair cells in the inner ear.

3. Use ototoxic drugs with caution.

4. Maintain a good mood, be less angry and exercise more to promote blood circulation throughout the body, strengthen blood supply to the inner ear, and delay organ aging.