What should we pay attention to in case of sudden deafness?

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Sudden deafness is a sudden and unexplained sensorineural hearing loss, also known as sudden deafness. It has an acute onset and rapid progression, and the treatment effect is directly related to the time of treatment, so it should be regarded as an otological emergency.

What should we pay attention to when suffering from sudden deafness?

After sudden deafness occurs, the patient should seek medical treatment promptly and receive treatment in accordance with the doctor's instructions. The earlier the treatment, the better the recovery.

What should we pay attention to in daily life when suffering from sudden deafness?

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. No matter whether you study or work, you must balance work and rest, and your life must be regular. Don't stay up all night. Secondly, you must stay away from excessive noise, relax your mental stress, and control your emotions to avoid catching a cold.

2. Use drugs that can damage hearing with caution. Such as gentamicin, streptomycin, neomycin, etc.

3. Patients with sudden deafness should avoid noisy environments, which is not conducive to recovery. They should rest in a relatively quiet environment to avoid being stimulated by noise.

4. Pay attention to scientific diet. Eat more nutritious foods such as milk, soy products, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

5. It is recommended not to wear headphones for a long time in life. If you need to wear headphones for work or study, you should also control the volume. Excessive volume will irritate the eardrum, and you need to avoid noise stimulation. If you are exposed to it for a long time, Noise, or sudden exposure to loud noise stimulation, may cause tinnitus, blast deafness, etc.;
6. Treat various chronic diseases promptly to prevent high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes for at least half an hour every day The above physical exercises are beneficial to the health of the ears and body.

7. Go to the hospital regularly to check your hearing to understand the current recovery status of your hearing.

The treatment of sudden deafness currently adopts comprehensive treatment methods, and the effective rate of early treatment is more than 70%. The type of hearing loss, age, whether it is accompanied by dizziness, and timely treatment time determine the prognosis of the disease.Treatment should be given as soon as possible after the illness.

Based on the current pathological analysis, the treatment of sudden deafness should be carried out "against the clock".

Most patients develop symptoms in the early morning or shortly after getting up early in the morning, accompanied by symptoms such as mild tinnitus, ear swelling and blockage, and hearing loss. Some patients even experience dizziness and vomiting.

When encountering these situations, you should immediately seek diagnosis and treatment from an otolaryngologist to avoid damaging the cochlear nerve, causing permanent hearing damage, and missing the golden treatment period.