Will learning a musical instrument affect your hearing?

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A pair of critical ears, for music students, is related to musical aesthetic values ​​and learning methods, and plays a role in opening a door for performance. Therefore, it is very important to have a good ear when learning music.

Will learning a musical instrument affect your hearing?

The relatively high decibels produced by musical instruments may have a certain impact on hearing. Instruments such as trumpets and drums. Therefore, when learning an instrument, pay attention to controlling the decibels produced by the instrument not to be too high.

Because the sound of the drum set is a musical instrument and not noise, it is not very irritating to the human cochlea, but it is still recommended. Do not spend more than two to three hours a day on the drum kit. Because long-term exposure damages the human body's mid-frequency or high-frequency hearing, it will cause hearing loss in the mid- and high-frequency hearing curve.

Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the time of exposure to the drum set, which can effectively prevent the impact of the drum set on children's hearing. At the same time, avoid wearing headphones outside of the time when learning the drum set, pay more attention to rest, and ensure good health. Sleep and exercise appropriately.

In addition, some electroacoustic instruments are also very loud, with the maximum loudness reaching 130-140 decibels, which has exceeded the European Union’s definition of hearing loss The highest critical point of complete damage. The pipe organ can reach a maximum of about 120 decibels, and the piano can also reach about 100 decibels. Continuous exposure to noise exceeding 80 decibels will inevitably damage the hair cells to varying degrees, and this damage is irreversible.

Research shows that musicians are 400% more likely to suffer from hearing loss and 57% more likely to suffer from tinnitus than the general population. In addition to musicians, when children learn musical instruments, they also need to pay attention to preventing noise from "stealing" their hearing.