What are the dangers of hearing loss? What impact does it have on life?

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The ear is used to listen to sounds from the outside world. If there is a problem with it, it will cause great trouble to people and affect the patient's normal life and work. The harm caused by deafness is very serious, so we should not ignore its existence.

What are the dangers of hearing loss? What impact does it have on life?

People with normal hearing can distinguish many kinds of sounds. Once hearing loss occurs, it will have an impact on our daily life, such as inaccurate pronunciation of language, inability to hear others, bad temper when speaking, and difficulties in communicating for a long time. It leads to daze, especially in the elderly who are obviously dazed and unwilling to communicate.

Hearing loss will bring a lot of inconvenience to your daily life, and it will seriously affect your mood and mentality.

1. People with poor hearing often have trouble hearing or being unable to hear, and it is very difficult when they study. Because communication is difficult, they will isolate themselves in the long run and are unwilling to contact others, which will cause a lot of pressure on their hearts. .
2. Hearing loss in newborns will delay the normal development of their intelligence and language. Since they cannot obtain external information right after birth, their speech development will be seriously affected.

3. If you cannot hear the beautiful sounds in nature, your ability to respond to social activities will also decrease.

4. Hearing impairment brings about discrimination in life or employment, resulting in a sense of inferiority, high pressure, depression, withdrawal, unwillingness to communicate with others, and a withdrawn personality and irritable mood. , bad temper, etc.
5. Hearing loss will cause damage to the normal physiological functions of the ear. Long-term hearing loss usually causes the nerves and even hair cells in the ear to be damaged and cannot be effectively restored.

6. Hearing loss will also cause patients to be susceptible to traffic accidents because they cannot hear external sounds clearly, such as car horns, which will affect their overall health. and safety compromised.

7. Hearing loss can also cause patients to have emotions such as anxiety or depression, causing the patient's autonomic nervous system or psychological effects to be adversely affected.ring. Hearing damage refers to a situation in which the patient's hearing sensitivity decreases, auditory dysfunction or even disappears under the influence of certain factors. Clinically, hearing loss is mostly divided into two types. One is temporary hearing loss. When a patient stays in a strong noise environment for too long, the hearing loss will temporarily decrease over time.

Generally speaking, hearing loss will bring a lot of inconvenience to everyone’s life. If you find that your hearing has declined, you should go to the hospital for medical treatment in time. If it is If it is permanent, timely intervention is required. Most hearing loss is irreversible, so the internationally recognized effective solution is timely and irregular hearing aid fitting.