Do young people suffer from sudden deafness?

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Sudden deafness, also known as idiopathic sudden deafness or sudden deafness, is an emergency in the Department of Otolaryngology. According to Science and Technology Daily, sudden deafness is a sudden and unexplained sensorineural hearing loss. The hearing usually drops to the lowest point within minutes or hours (a few can occur within 72 hours). Sudden deafness can occur. In one ear, it can also occur in both ears.

Can young people suffer sudden deafness?

Yes, people suffering from sudden deafness are getting younger and younger now, because young people are under great pressure from work and family, and they also go to some noisy places. These bad living habits may cause sudden deafness. Deaf.

The cause of sudden deafness is closely related to bad living habits. Nowadays, most young people rely on their youth and health, and their casual life can lead to sudden deafness. deaf.

1. Irregular life. Playing online games all night long, going to bars and discos without restraint, playing mahjong, video chatting, using headphones on the phone, etc. can all lead to insufficient blood supply to the inner ear and sudden deafness.

2. The living and working environment is too noisy. Noise can easily take away hearing, and more victims are workers. There are more and more Chinese enterprises, among which textile, clothing, steel and other industries account for a large proportion. The noise in the production workshops of these enterprises is generally loud, and workers live there for a long time. If they do not pay attention to adjustments and rest, it is easy to cause sudden deafness.

3. Often staying up late, getting angry, smoking and other triggers are related. Some patients are under extremely high mental stress and are exposed to negative emotions such as anxiety and depression for a long time, which may induce sudden deafness.

4. Too much mental pressure. Sudden deafness caused by excessive mental stress is not uncommon, especially among young white-collar workers in bustling cities, who often suffer from sudden deafness due to excessive work pressure and mental stress.

5. Deafness caused by otitis media cannot be ignored. Especially young people who socialize a lot, live irregularly, and suppressed emotions cannot be released for a long time, which can easily lead to inner ear spasm and neurological deafness.

6. Viral infection. The most common and typicalIt is sudden deafness caused by cold viruses. This sudden deafness usually disappears as the cold is cured.

As one of the most difficult-to-detect diseases, more and more people have hearing loss. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2050, nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide will have some degree of hearing loss, and at least 700 million people will need hearing rehabilitation. There are many reasons for hearing loss. It may be the influence of congenital genes, or it may be acquired smoking or taking drugs that affect hearing. Everyone has more or less one of them. But for ordinary people, the biggest impact on hearing is noise, including noise caused by headphones. According to data from the World Health Organization, more than 50% of young and middle-aged people aged 12-35 are at risk to their own hearing due to listening to music.

Scientific methods to prevent deafness are reflected in all aspects of life. Once you become deaf, you will be deeply disturbed by it. Therefore, before you become deaf, you should develop good living habits. While maintaining a good attitude toward life, you must also use your ears scientifically.