As we age, how do we need to protect our hearing?

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As we age, our hearing will gradually decline. Generally speaking, we will experience hearing loss starting from the age of 45. By the age of 60, most people will experience varying degrees of deafness. This is a normal physiological phenomenon and is called presbycusis.

How do we protect our hearing as we grow older?

1. Avoid noise. If the elderly are exposed to noise for a long time, their hearing, which has begun to decline, will be more susceptible to fatigue. The capillary blood vessels in the inner ear are often in a state of spasm, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, and hearing will decline rapidly, and even Noise-induced deafness occurs. Therefore, the elderly should try to reduce the interference of noise on hearing.

2. Maintain a good mental state. If you often have a bad temper and are always in a state of irritability, you may easily suffer from hearing loss. , Therefore, in life, you must keep your mood in a happy state.

3. Stop digging your ears. The elderly like to use ear picks, matchsticks, etc. to dig their ears. This is because the elderly's physiological blood circulation is weakened, and the secretions in the ear canal are reduced, resulting in a dry and cracked feeling. Sometimes they feel itchy and unbearable. After stimulation by picking out the ears, they can get temporary relief. However, doing so can easily damage the ear canal, cause infection, inflammation, and even damage the eardrum. The scientific method is to dip a cotton swab in a little alcohol or glycerin and gently wipe the ear canal when the ear canal is unbearably itchy. You can also take vitamins E, C and cod liver oil orally to relieve inner ear itching.

4. Eat a reasonable diet and eat less sweet, salty and creamy foods to prevent arteriosclerosis from causing inner ear ischemia and hearing loss.

5. Use medication with caution. As people get older, they have more diseases. The elderly often use antibiotics. However, it should be noted that the use of streptomycin, gentamicin, and kanamycin When waiting for antibiotics, do not overdose at one time or take them for too long. They can be used alternately with other drugs or with traditional Chinese medicine.

6. Quit smoking and drink less, because tobacco and alcohol have toxic effects on the auditory nerve, especially the nicotine in cigarettes enters the blood, causing spasm of small blood vessels and slowing the blood. , the viscosity increases, causing insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, thereby promoting deafness. Quit if you can. Many cardiovascular diseases are caused by smoking and drinking.Yes, once you suffer from these cardiovascular diseases, your hearing will also decrease accordingly. If some older smokers really can't quit, they should smoke as little as possible.

7. Frequent massage, hearing loss in the elderly, is also related to the weakened blood circulation in the inner ear. Local massage can increase blood circulation and maintain hearing. When massaging, Yifeng point (the depression behind the earlobe) and Tinghui point (the depression in front of the earlobe and Yifeng point are symmetrical across the ear) can be performed once in the morning and evening, for 5 to 10 minutes each time.

8. Eat more iron-containing foods. Studies have found that after a person enters his sixties, the capillaries in the ears will gradually harden and narrow, and the red blood cells will also gradually harden. Hardened red blood cells can easily block capillaries, causing ear microcirculation disorders, cutting off the oxygen and nutrient supply to hair cells, and causing presbycusis. Therefore, if you want to solve this problem, you should try to expand the capillaries inside the ears to ensure the blood condition of the ears and prevent hearing loss. The most effective way is to supplement the body with iron. Therefore, as long as we eat more iron-containing foods, we should easily prevent hearing loss. The most effective way is to supplement your body with iron.

Hearing impairment in the elderly will have varying degrees of impact on the elderly's life, safety, psychology and other aspects. Therefore, hearing problems in the elderly cannot be ignored. Intervention and help must be carried out. Older people can better spend their later years.

As age increases, generally speaking, various functions of the body also decline. Hearing loss approximately occurs around the age of 55. This is due to the hearing organ Caused by degeneration and aging, it is medically called presbycusis. Especially the eyes and ears of the old man. As you age, your hearing will gradually get worse. And many old people love cleanliness and think it’s better to clean their ears. Not taking care of your ears can lead to hearing loss. Experts say that although hearing loss is irreversible, it can be alleviated.